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This section is about 3rd world countries.



What are "3rd world countries"?

3rd world countries are countries where the quality of life is so poor that most of us would never want to live there if it was the last place on earth. Babies die because there is nothing to eat. What there is to eat, or drink, often does more harm than good. The few that live to be kids have no life anyways because they don't get to go to school or even have fun playing with other kids. To survive, they have to take on responsibilities years ahead of their time.

Some countries have fine food and water supplies, but due to underdevelopment, can't have a decent life. They may not have the medicine and technology that we have. In some areas there is not even a doctor. Can you imagine us trying to live without hydro, telephones, or cars? Some countries have a lot less than that.

In these countries, very few children get to be adults, and even if they do, their whole life is nothing more than living, if they are lucky enough to do that. What life they do have is not in good health. Children can get a simple cold and usually die from it. Every day they just fight to live another day.


Why do 3rd world countries exist?

There are many reasons for this. I think the main one is war. War does a lot of destruction, and leaves areas uninhabitable, but sometimes people still have to live there. Some areas have weather conditions that just don't make it easy to have a supply of food. Sometimes there is a sudden severe change in weather that causes food supply to disappear. For example, a very long dry season may have caused farms to loose everything. Here in Canada, and in the United States, we can easily get food from somewhere, but some countries don't have outside sources.

Some areas are ok as far as weather and nature are concerned, but may be so underdeveloped that they need our help. Some countries have such a heavy population that the supply of food just isn't enough for the needs. Some areas have been uninhabitable from the beginning, but people still live there because they have nowhere else to go. Some of the 3rd world countries, or parts of countries are only in a temporary crisis. Others are permanent.

I can write more, but you should have the point by now. You may think there is nothing we can do for people 1000's of miles from us, but there is much we can do, with money, or even without. The fact that you have read this much proves that you care.


How can I help?

This is the part I need to do much more work on. I personally know of several things that you can do, but for now, I'll tell you about non-profit organizations that are looking for people like you. One simple, and priceless thing anybody can do to help is pray for these countries. It can give others the desire to help.


Non-profit organizations

Here are some links to organizations that would love extra help from you. Some people don't believe in donating because they don't think their money is actually going to the people who need it, or not enough of it gets there. If you feel this way click here for a popup window explaining how it works.

The following organizations give you different ways you can help. Check each one out and see what you can do.

World Vision

World Vision International

World Vision Canada
World Vision Canada

World Vision United States
World Vision USA

or select another country

Foster Parents Plan

PLAN International headquarters

Plan Canada (founded as Foster Parentís Plan in 1937)

Plan USA


Save the Children

Save The Children International


United States

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