How you can help others...
or get help for yourself or a friend.

What is the purpose of this site?

This site has a dual purpose. First, it is to help people find out more about the various problems in this world, and the various ways they can help do something about these problems, or help people with these problems. Second, it is to help people who have a problem, or need help, find the help they want or need.

This site is designed like several mini sites that are all branches from this front page. You can bookmark this page, or the mini sites if there is a specific section you are interested in.

What exactly does this site do?

I am designing this site to do a few things.

- To help you learn about the various problems that exist in this world.
- Help you get ideas for things you can do about some of those problems.
- Help you make decisions when you do choose to help.
- Make it easier for you, and others who care, to do something.
- Give people who may need help, something to read, and possible sources of help.

The more all of us care about other people, the better life can be for everyone. Too many people sit back and do nothing. They may not know what they can do. They may not know how serious some things are. They may not realize that even if they don't have money, they can still help. In some cases, they just don't care.

Some people need help, but don't know where to find it. This will hopefully be a useful starting point for them.

Why am I making this site?

I have a few reasons.

- I guess my biggest reason is because I am a Christian, and one of the best things I can do for my saviour is to help others.
- My next reason, which I consider to be almost as important, is that I love children and teenagers. If I see a child hurting, I can't walk away, and this is another way I can help them.
- My most interesting reason is that I like designing websites. This gives me the opportunity to use a talent I enjoy using to do something I love doing, helping others, especially children and teenagers.
- This reason is sort of related to my second reason. Children and teenagers have brought more joy to my life than anyone else ever has, and in 1987, 3 special children saved my life. They have meant the world to me throughout their childhood and teenage years.
Unless I can help every child and teenager in the world have a perfect life, I will never be happy with what little I have done so far. As just 1 person, I am very limited in what I can do. With the help of the internet, I can do more by helping others like you find out what you can do, and by helping those that need help through this worldwide information center.
In time, when the site has reached a sufficient level of content, I would like to be able to make it available in various languages.
What am I hoping to accomplish?

That depends; if you mean my hopes, I would like to see heaven on earth. More realistically though, I would like to be able to help make earth a little more like heaven. If you are the type of person who would like to do the same, please look through this site to see what I have here now, and bookmark it so you can check back later. I will be adding more to it as often as I can to give you more ideas on ways to help, and to provide you with more details on various ideas to save you the research.

If you have a problem and are here looking for help, don't be afraid to contact me if you can't find what you are looking for.

When will this site be finished?

This site will never be finished because first I need to get each of the sections that are here now finished. During that time, I know I will come up with ideas for new sections to add, or find new information. Even then, it will not be finished because each section will need to be kept up to date. This site won't stop growing until Heaven comes to earth, or until Jesus takes me home. Hopefully when my life comes to an end, I will have someone else to take over the site.

I originally started this site in March 2001, when I had lots of free time, but changes suddenly left me with no free time and work here was put on hold. Somehow several years have passed and I've only had a few chances to add a little bit to this site. Now, 2009 is almost over. Somehow, I'm going to start finding some time to work on this site.

Have I bored you with enough talk?
Let's move on.

Click on the following links to go to the different sections.

You will find that several of the sections are about subjects that affect one another.

  • Missing children and runaways are similar, but the runaways left at there own will.
         (They don't always stay away at there own will though.)
  • Runaways and prostitution are frequently caused by abuse.
  • Rape is a serious form of abuse, especially when the victims are children.
  • Depression can lead to many things, including suicide.

Currently only the "3rd World" and "Contact me" links are ready. The others will take you to a page telling you approximately when that section will be ready. Over the next few weeks the basics will be up in each section one at a time. I plan to have something in each section by the end of November, and add more content from there.

Feel free to contact me.


A little about the link

Mini sites - (each one is like a site of it's own, and can be bookmarked separately)
coming soon
- Missing children is a serious concern. Teenagers and adults are missing as well, but the biggest problem is with children.
coming soon
- Do you know how serious this is? How can we help here? Why do they run away from home?
If you are a runaway, there is some material that I hope will be helpful to you.
tells what abuse is
more coming soon
- The children can't stop it. The adults won't stop it. What can we do? Even adults are abused. This is one of the main reasons children and young teens run away.
If you abuse anyone, physically or emotionally, or if you have been abused, there is material here for you to read.
coming soon
- A lot of runaways turn to this. Very few of them actually want this job, but they need money. Can we get them off the street?
If you are a prostitute, this section may have something of interest to you.
coming soon
- It's easier to come forward than it used to be, but it will never be "easy". What can victims and there friends do?
Have you ever been raped, or raped someone?
There is also material here for you.
coming soon
- Depression is an illness, and is much more common than some people think. Depression can be short term or long term and sometimes it won't go away on it's own.
If you are depressed, or know someone who is or appears to be, this section can be helpful to you.
Teen Choices
coming soon
- Teenagers, preteens and young adults are frequently faced with tough decisions. Sometimes pressure causes wrong decisions.
Decisions like smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, and crime are hard to make. Sometimes people feel like there is no choice. There's always a choice.
If you are faced with one of these decisions, or know someone who may be, the tips and advice here may help.
3rd World
has content
- There are many organizations that help third world countries. Find out about them, and how we can help. Did you know that you can help even if you have no money?
coming soon
- What do you know about the nuclear accident in Russia? Did you know it has caused a long term problem for a large number of people? What can we do for them?
Terminally Ill
coming soon
- Some people are terminally ill, or have an incurable disease. People of all ages know they are dying. Did you know that you can do something for them?
Are you terminally ill? Do you know someone who is?
There may be something of interest here for you to read.
Other Links - (these are also accessible from each of the mini sites)
Quick Guide
(how to help)

coming soon
- Would you like to do something, but don't know what? Just answer a few simple questions and you will be given a list of opportunities that may interest you.
Quick Guide
(how to get help)

coming soon
- Do you need help, or think you might need help? Just answer a few simple questions and find out what you need to do, and where to get help doing it.
Contact me - Use my contact form to contact me for any reason.
About Me - (find out about the webmaster)
About me - This is where you will find out a little about me.
I'm not an expert on any of the subjects on this site. I just want to use what I know, to help others any way I can. If you are an expert on any of these subjects and find any errors on this site, know of anything I can add, or would like to help with this site, please contact me.

If you would like to contact me, you can email me at webmaster@helpinggodschildren.com,
or for better efficiency, and quicker response, use my contact form.

If you're wondering if God is for real, check out my newest site, a simple one page one, at IsGodForReal.com.


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